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Back From the Dead!
Posted on January 14, 2012, 11:04 pm by CloneEmperor
So, it's been a few months since I've posted anything on the front page here. I have a lot of content waiting to be added to this site, so I'm going to make more of an effort to update regularly. I'd like to make a front page post a couple times a week, but I am realistic enough to realize that it may not work out that way. We'll see.

For now, I've added a few items to the collection. The majority of my recent additions are story synopses. In the Old Republic Era I've added The Old Republic: Revan, The Old Republic: The Third Lesson, The Old Republic: The Lost Suns and Knight Errant. I added the stories from the Droids Omnibus to the Rise Of the Empire era and the stories from the Early Victories Omnibus and the short story "Vader Adrift" to the Rebellion era. The New Jedi Order had a couple additions with "A Fair Trade" and the latest installment in the Invasion comic series, the Legacy era was updated with the short story "First Blood", and I also added the Visionaries graphic novel and Chewbacca and the Slavers Of the Shadowlands. My final recent update is one of my holy grails of collecting, the Action Fleet Series Alpha Trade Federation Droid Fighter.
Action Fleet
Posted on January 26, 2012, 3:29 pm by CloneEmperor
So, in the last few days, I have prepared pictures for all the Action Fleet items I haven't uploaded. First off is the "Battle Packs". In 2002, when Hasbro began re-releasing Action Fleet items, they repacked a number of items from the original battle packs. Each item came with a couple small vehicles/animals and a figure or two that related. I held off on getting these because, like the vehicles, I had them already and didn't want to spend more money on something I already had. Eventually, I broke down and got them, just to have a complete collection, and I can say that they definitely weren't worth getting if you already had earlier releases. My biggest complaint with them are that the figures are glued down to the vehicles, and are not removeable without damaging them. Regardless, you can see pictures of them in the Battle Packs section of the site. Next up is three vehicles from 2002; the AT-AT, the Millennium Falcon, and the X-wing. Like the battle packs, I held off on these originally, because I already had them from previous years. Unlike the battle packs, I was glad I eventually got these, mostly because they had significantly different paint applications, even though battle damaged R2-D2 is permanently glued into the X-wing. Pictures of these can be found in the Action Fleet Vehicles section of the site. Last update for today is my final Series Alpha item, the Naboo Starfighter. I was thrilled to get this, even though I spent a bit more money than I had hoped to. Pictures of it are in the Series Alpha section.