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Miscellaneous Collectibles :: What I Need
Action Fleet
Standard Vehicles Series Alpha Battle Packs
1999: Droid Control Ship
1999: Trade Federation Tank
2002: AT-AT
2002: Millennium Falcon
2002: Republic Assault Ship
2002: Republic Gunship
2002: X-wing Fighter
Galactic Battle (Japan Exclusive)
2000: Naboo Fighter
2000: Trade Federation Droid Fighter
2002: Dune Sea Ambush
2002: Imperial Endor Pursuit
2002: Mos Eisley Encounter
2002: Tatooine Droid Hunter
Micro Machines
Mini Action Transforming Playsets Transforming Action Sets Planet Playsets
#5: Duros, Stormtrooper, Bossk
#7: Luke Skywalker, 4-LOM, Snowtrooper
#8: TIE Fighter Pilot, Wampa, Wicket W. Warwick
#9: Salacious Crumb, Jabba the Hutt, Imperial Driver
7-pack with C-3P0
Single Packed C-3P0
C-3P0 / Cantina
Chewbacca / Endor
Jabba / Mos Eisley Spaceport
Luke Skywalker / Hoth
R2-D2 / Jabba's Palace
Rebel Transport / Command Center
Slave I / Tatooine
Star Destroyer / Space Fortress
TIE Fighter Pilot / Academy
Yoda / Dagobah
Cloud City
Planet Tatooine
Platform Action Sets Deluxe Platform Action Sets Mega-Deluxe Platform Action Sets
Galactic Dogfight
Galactic Senate
Naboo Temple Ruins
Pod Race Arena
Tatooine Desert
Theed Rapids
Royal Starship Repair
Theed Place Assault
Trade Federation MTT / Naboo Battlefield
Inside Action Sets Podracing Playsets  
Battle Droid / Trade Federation Droid Control Ship
Darth Maul / Theed Generator
Gungan Sub / Otoh Gunga
Jar Jar Binks / Naboo
Arch Canyon Adventure
Beggar's Canyon Challenge
Boonta Eve Challenge
Figure Sets X-Ray Fleet Epic Collections
Bounty Hunters
Classic Characters (Old Molds)
Endor Rebel Strike Team
Imperial Scout Troopers
Collection 6 (Landspeeder & TIE Fighter)
Collection 7 (Snowspeeder & AT-ST)
Courtship Of Princess Leia
Dark Apprentice
Dark Force Rising
Collector's Sets Episode I Vehicle & Figure Collections Podracing
Die-Cast Metal Collector's Set (7 pc)
Master Collector's Edition (19 pc)
Master Collector's Edition (40 pc)
Collection 6
Collection 11
Collection 12
Collection 13
Build Your Own Podracer: Black 1
Build Your Own Podracer: Blue 1, 2, 3, 4
Build Your Own Podracer: Green 1, 2, 3
Build Your Own Podracer: Red 1, 2, 3, 4
Build Your Own Podracer: Yellow 2, 3, 4
Miscellaneous Sets    
Jedi Braid with Holographic Royal Starship
Bronze Vehicle 3 pack
Bronze Millennium Falcon in Baggie
Titanium Series
2005 2006 2007
Wave 1: Slave I
Wave 1: TIE Fighter
Wave 1: X-wing Fighter
Celebration 3 Gold X-wing
Wave 2: Slave I
Wave 7: Republic Cruiser
Wave 8: AT-RT (Gloss Black Antenna)
Wave 11: Droid Tri-Fighter (Battle Damaged)
Wave 11: TIE Fighter (Battle Damaged)
Wave 11: Y-wing (Red Colors)
Wave 12: Snowspeeder (Rogue Leader)
Wave 12: TIE Bomber (Battle Damaged)
Wave 13: Star Destroyer (Running Lights)
Wave 13: Wedge's X-wing
Wave 2: Luke's Snowspeeder (Dirty Wash)
Wave 3: ARC-170 (Green Paint) (Dirty Wash)
Wave 6: AT-ST (Hoth Deco)
Wave 6: Blizzard Force Speeder Bike
2008 2009 Ultra Vehicles
Wave 3: Naboo Royal Cruiser
Legacy Wave 1: Republic Attack Cruiser
Legacy Wave 1: AT-TE
Legacy Wave 1: Emperor's Hand Imperial Shuttle
Legacy Wave 2: Gold Leader Y-wing
Legacy Wave 5a: Republic Gunship (New Tool)
Millennium Falcon