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Micro Machines Action Fleet :: Theed Palace
Theed Palace Card Back Description:
The ruthless Trade Federation has overrun Naboo and the Neimoidian viceroys have moved into Theed Place to command the invasion. Queen Amidala and her loyal Naboo Security Forces, headed by Captain Panaka, refuse to relinquish the throne. In a heroic effort, they battle their way back into the palace and face down the invading army.

Battle-damaged Flash Speeder, Press Button to Fire Blaster Cannon, Push Tab to "Explode" Arch, Opening Windows (2), Battle Droid, Pedestal Activates Panaka / Droid Face-Off, Nute Gunray in Walking Chair, Move Lever for Dual-action Figure Confrontation

Poseable Captain Panaka
Poseable Queen Amidala

* Box back info provided by unknown.
Theed Palace Theed Palace Theed Palace Theed Palace Theed Palace
Theed Palace Theed Palace