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Dawn Of the Jedi: Force War
John Ostrander & Jan Duursema
Dawn Of the Jedi: Force War
Pencils: Jan Duursema
Inks: Dan Parsons
Colors: Wes Dzioba
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: David Michael Beck
A year after the invasion of the Tython system by the Rakatan Infinite Empire, the Je'daii have adapted to the realities of the war. Under the instruction of former Force hound Xesh, they have begun using Forcesabers under the command of Daegan Lok. They win many battles but never seem to be on the edge of victory. After losing a battle, Rakatan Predor Skal'nas explains to his subordinate that the only reason they came here was to find a Kwa Infinity Gate so that he could use it to overthrough his higher-ups and rule the galaxy. In a moment of intimacy, Xesh confides in Shae Koda that he has taken the name Tau as a symbol of the change he has undergone. Meanwhile, the Je'daii seers have a vision indicating that no matter how many battles they win, they will still lose the war because they don't have the number of soldiers that the Rakatan's have. Xesh uses one of his abilities as a hound to locate Skal'nas so they can hopefully end the war quickly. They mount an offensive but are betrayed by the Force hound Trill who is masquerading as a Force blind soldier and lover of Sek'nos Rath, resulting in the capture and enslavement of a significant portion of their fighting force. Xesh is brought before Skal'nas who removes the blocks on his memory, informing him that he was sent to the Je'daii as a spy. He tells Skal'nas that Lok knows something, and uses a trick to read his memory, pinpointing the location of the Infinity Gate. Skal'nas then uses Xesh and Trill to blind the Je'daii seersand cut them off from the Force, revealing himself as a spy and causing both Lok and Rath to declare his death as the Je'daii fall back to the Temple of Anil Kesh on Tython. As the assault begins, led by Trill, Tasha Ryo, one of the blind seers, comes to meditate on the Holocron of A'nang while the battle rages. When she reaches the gatekeeper of the Holocron and informs him that the Rakata have arrived on Tython, he says that the purpose of the Holocon is fulfilled and it is time for Tython to awaken. Skal'nas and Xesh enter the chasm underneath the Temple with Lok and Skal'nas tells them that by focusing only on the symbol they can pass the barrier that destroys everything that enters. Leaving Lok chained to a rock, Skal'nas and Xesh enter the chasm. Sek'nos Rath manages to free himself and his fellow captives and they join the battle, and soon he and Shae converge on Lok's position, helping him fight off the Rakatan warriors, and when he tells them where Xesh went, Shae flies her beast into the chasm and Lok joins her, helping her pass the barrier. At the bottom of the chasm, Skal'nas and Xesh find the infinity gate, and as Skal'nas activates it, Lok and Shae arrive to confront them. Lok fights Skal'nas while Shae tries to convince Xesh that there is Light in him by reminding him of the name he took for himself. Lok tries to use his primitive Dark Side powers on Skal'nas but finds himself outclassed and defeated. Xesh hasn't stopped Shae yet, so Skal'nas attacks her, disabling her. This allows Xesh to finally break free of Skal'nas' control and attack him. Up in the temple, Tasha learns that the holocron is the key to activating the Tho Yor which will destroy the Infinity Gate as long as she sacrifices herself with it. She accepts this fate, and the Tho Yor lashes out, attacking the Rakatan fleet and destroying the Infinity Gate, which distracts Skal'nas long enough for Xesh to kill him. The three survivors escape from the chasm, and begin the long process of healing and learning, with Xesh, now Tau, being accepted into the order and beginning to learn the Balance.
Dawn Of the Jedi: Force War Dawn Of the Jedi: Force War Dawn Of the Jedi: Force War Dawn Of the Jedi: Force War