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Dawn Of the Jedi: Force Storm
John Ostrander
Dawn Of the Jedi: Force Storm
Pencils: Jan Duursema
Inks: Dan Parsons
Colors: Wes Dzioba
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Jan Duursema & Gonzalo Flores
12 years after the Je'daii on Tython subdue a would be despot, the Force hounds of the Rakatan Infinite Empire have learned of their existence and have vowed to find them and turn them into slaves. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious ship enters the Tython system, and several Je'daii have visions that lead them to gather in time to witness the crash of the mysterious ship in the Rift on Tython, and the emergence of the Rakatan Force Hound Xesh. The three young Je'daii, Sek'nos Rath, Shae Koda and Tasha Ryo, and Xesh battle until Xesh is persuaded that he may lose, and so he flees deeper into the Rift, all the way to the Abyss of Ruh, followed closely by the Je'daii. Further explorers arrive to discover what has happened, while on the moon of Bogan, Daegen Lok watches the Force Storm grow on Tython. As Xesh flees from the Je'daii, he begins to remember the events that led to the crash of his ship, including the fact that he killed his master, Predor Tul'kar. Fighting back the dangers of the Abyss, he is about to be overcome when the three Je'daii arrive and attempt to help him. Raised by the Rakata though, he is unable to conceive any reason they would be merciful, and so he leaves them to fight the monsters of the Abyss on their own. As he watches them fight, he tries to predict how they will react, and is puzzled when they don't follow his expectations. This causes him to join the fight on their side as several Masters arrive to assist. Temple Master Quan-Jang meditates on restoring the balance to the Force, and in doing so they manage to take Xesh captive. As Xesh heals, Tasha Ryo convinces him to let her look into his memories, and the Je'daii are surprised at what she sees there: a man who was raised in the dark side with no moral compass. The Masters sentence him to meditate on the Light side of the Force on Bogan, and he indicates he will do his best, but he knows that he won't be there for long. As he travels to the moon, Daegen Lok pauses in his activities to comment that "Finally, it has begun."
Dawn Of the Jedi: Force Storm Dawn Of the Jedi: Force Storm Dawn Of the Jedi: Force Storm Dawn Of the Jedi: Force Storm