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Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner Of Bogan
John Ostrander
Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner Of Bogan
Pencils: Jan Duursema
Inks: Dan Parsons
Colors: Wes Dzioba
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: David Michael Beck
The Force Hound Xesh is being confined on the moon Bogan so he can bring the Force into balance within himself, while his rival on Byss, Trill, is given the command to find him and the Force rich world he was sent to, and the Journeyers who captured him are being ignored. On the moon, Xesh meets Daegen Lok who is on Bogan for having a vision that the Je'daii masters believed indicated madness. Lok explains his vision to Xesh, who indicates that the weapon of fire that was in the vision was a Forcesaber. Xesh uses the Force to recharge the batteries of a downed fighter, and the two leave the moon to go to the planet Krev Coeur where they may find what they need to make new Forcesabers. As Trill reminisces of a time when she and Xesh were partners, she remembers his betrayal and then catches his Force trail. The Je'daii try and puzzle out the workings of the Forcesaber, and come to the conclusion that is is a weapon of very dark anger. Tasha Ryo is unsuccessful in her search for information on the Rakata, and Master Ters Sendon takes her to a very old portion of the temple where lies an ancient holocron. Tasha touches it and it responds with a projection of A'nang Kwa, the master of the holocron. Meanwhile, Xesh and Lok's escape is discovered and two teams are sent to find them as they crash land on Krev Coeur. The teams correctly discern that Lok would go to Krev Coeur and Nox to build Forcesabers and so they move to intercept. Under the Temple, Tasha queries the holocron about the skull they have and Master A'nang Kwa confirms it is a Rakata skull before turning off. On Krev Coeur, Ranger Bel Zana finds the fugitives just as they find the crystals they are looking for, and engages them, but Lok uses the Force to make her think she is on fire. Before they can escape though, the rest of her team finds them and engages. Lok throws Zana of the edge of the precipice and Sek'nos Rath jumps after her to save her. He succeeds but falls to his apparent doom himself, and the fugitives escape to Nox where Xesh builds them new Forcesabers. Meanwhile, Sek'nos awakens on Trill's ship where she has hidden her Force presence, hoping that he will help her learn the Tython system. On Nox, Lok begins the process of creating an army when he is interrupted by the Je'daii team hunting him. He and Xesh split up, with Shae Koda following Xesh and Hawk Ryo and Rori Fenn following himself. Hawk finds Lok and duels him to learn that he is only a projection in the Force and has already escaped, while Shae finds Xesh and attempts to apprehend him. As they duel, she is taken by a monstrous beast, and against his instincts Xesh rescues her, revives her and takes her prisoner. As Hawk and Rori make their way to Shikaakwa where Lok is going to raise an army, they are contacted by Sek'nos, who agrees to meet them there. On Tython, Master A'nang's holocron explains the history of the Kwa people and how they found the Rakatans and inadvertently set them loose on the galaxy. Arriving on Shikaakwa, Lok meets with Ox Ryo to get him to help him raise an army and reminds him that it was Ox who helped him get close enough to kill the Despot Queen, Hadiya. Before anything can happen though, the Je'daii arrive to apprehend Lok and Xesh. Lok brings a rock slide down on the Je'daii while he and Xesh flee, and Hawk holds it off so they can give chase, Sek'nos following Xesh and Rori following Lok. Rori is defeated, but before Lok can play around with her mind, Hawk arrives to stop him. Xesh and Sek'nos duel until Xesh uses Force lightning to bring Sek'nos down, then he takes Shae to go find Lok, just as Lok makes Hawk admit the vision he saw was true. As Hawk beats Lok, Xesh arrives and enters the fray in time to distract Hawk whose leg is removed above the knee. This awakens Shae from her mind and she makes Xesh realize that Lok is simply treating him as a slave. Lok attempts to twist Xesh' mind, but the darkness in there is even too much for him. Shae prevents Xesh from killing Lok, who is sent back to Bogan. Hawk admits to the Masters that he did see the same vision as Lok, but where Lok claims he saw himself leading the Je'daii army against the Rakatans, Hawk saw Xesh doing so. The Je'daii start producing Forcesabers in anticipation of the coming Rakatan army, while Trill sends a message to Predor Skal'nas informing him that Xesh doesn't remember anything thanks to the blocks that Skal'nas placed in his mind. Pleased, Skal'nas gives the order to prepare the fleet.
Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner Of Bogan Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner Of Bogan Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner Of Bogan Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner Of Bogan